Jake lives in beautiful historic McKinney, Texas with his wife Gretchen, Voltaire  a Main Coon cat , and Abbey our Airedale Terrier. When not working on site, he may be found at his carving studio outside the town of Weston just twelve miles northwest of McKinney or in his painting and sculpture  studio, located inside the Cove, 402 Tennessee just north east of the square. The gallery is open every weekend, the studio by chance or by appointment.

    Originally a native of Arizona, Jake has grown up with a passion for history and nature which he came to draw on figuratively and literally from a very early age. In the words of a cousin, “Jake was always drawing and seemed happiest when doing so”.

    With the exception of several years working in the oil fields of Oklahoma and Kansas, Jake has made north Texas his home. In 1992, after a number of years in the construction industry he opened his first studio. Beginning about 2001-2002 my focus started to shift to larger more public work.It  seemed to be a natural fit, marrying my fine art disciplines with my knowledge of engineering and construction .

Learning something about many disciplines has given me some advantages.

    Being a self educated sculptor and painter certainly has it’s challenges, however, in all fairness I view these mediums as only a means to an end. It is not what makes you an artist.

    Some people talk about talent and passion and all I can say is that all the passion in the world won’t replace hard work. I feel a debt of gratitude to the experiences and people who taught me how to live in the here and now.

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